September is National Recovery Month: Join the Voices for Recovery

National Recovery Month celebrates the accomplishments made by those in recovery. The theme for this year’s National Recovery Month is Join the Voices for Recovery: Celebrating Connections. This means a lot to us at the 4th Dimension because we value continued connection within the recovery community and seek to encourage those looking for a community of support to find a voice. 

This September, we recognize the new evidence-based treatments, recovery practices, and the emergence of a strong recovery community. We also acknowledge the service providers and community members who dedicate their time and effort across the nation to make recovery possible. 

Medication-Assisted Recovery

One of the recovery practices we’d like to promote for National Recovery Month, which we have found to be a very effective treatment path, is medication-assisted recovery. There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding this recovery method, which we dispel in our most recent blog about this program. 

This program uses various FDA-approved medications in conjunction with the patient’s chosen path to recovery to help curb the obsessive nature of addiction. The use of medication in a recovery program helps the person in recovery abstain from using and lead a normal life. 

Meaningful Work and the Supported Employment (SE) Program

According to Mental Health America, “working at something that is meaningful to you can bring you a sense of purpose that will anchor you.” At the 4th Dimension, we work hard with the people in our recovery programs to become more centered and to find a purpose that will provide stability and a sense of self-worth. The recovery community as a whole continually works to find ways of increasing an individual’s sense of self-worth, encouraging and adding skills, and helping them accomplish personal goals. 

SAMHSA implemented a Supported Employment Program in 2014 to help people in recovery discover paths of self-sufficiency. Across the nation, these programs continue to assist adults in recovery or those suffering from mental illness to find meaningful and fulfilling employment. 

While the idea of job-hunting and maintaining employment can seem daunting, no matter where you are along your recovery journey, there are many resources available to help keep you on track. Recovery communities often work in conjunction with the state’s Office of Vocational Rehabilitation to help people in recovery find supported employment services. The OVR also helps make adjustments to your employment plan throughout the process. 

How Communities Provide Critical Recovery Support Services for Individuals

Community is one of the four major dimensions of recovery. Everyone needs relationships and a network of support to be successful. Recovery communities like ours exist across the country to provide friendship, love, and hope, which are so crucial to the process. 

In addition to offering vital interpersonal connections at the 4th Dimension, we offer diverse programs and encourage respect among the members of our recovery community no matter what their walk in life. We believe that encouraging acceptance of varying beliefs, practices, or cultures is essential to fostering strong relationships within our community. 

Progress and Continued Research in the Recovery Community

This Recovery Month, we’d like to encourage you to learn more about the recovery process and the systems of support available within your community. Every day, we are discovering new ways to help people along their path to recovery, and this September, we want to promote awareness of the importance of progress and continued research. 

To learn more about the various recovery programs available at the 4th Dimension, contact us today.