Sober Living For Women


Individuals who are recovering from substance use disorders may benefit from a stay at a sober living home. Sober living homes provide recovery services, community support, and a healthy environment to ease the transition from a drug and alcohol treatment center and prevent relapses.

Women’s Sober Living Home in Hoover, AL

If you’re looking for an inclusive, understanding, and supportive sober living home in Hoover, Alabama, The 4th Dimension may be the place for you.


At The 4th Dimension, our mission is to provide a compassionate and encouraging environment that holds our residents accountable for their health and safety. We enforce specific standards and rules, such as mandatory recovery meetings, weekly individual meetings, and drug testing. However, we also give our residents the freedom to live in private on-site apartments and maintain a job.


Housing Amenities

We have 23 beds at our Hoover sober living home for women. Each residency comes fully-equipped with:


  • A Kitchen and Microwave
  • In-Home Laundry Units
  • Cable Television and Internet
  • A Patio
  • Furnished living space


Residents of The 4th Dimension will also have access to a swimming pool, 24-hour fitness center, and tennis courts.


Our sober living home is conveniently located in Hoover, Alabama, near Oak Mountain State Park, Moss Rock Preserve, Aldridge Gardens, the Galleria Shopping Mall, Hoover Recreation Center, Hoover Library, Patton Creek AMC Theaters, restaurants, and shops. We encourage you to get out and take advantage of the surrounding attractions.

Mothers With Children Program

The 4th Dimension Women’s Community is now accepting mothers with children.


After being in the 4DW program for one month and meeting certain conditions proving stability, residents will be allowed to bring their children to live with them. Residents will have to arrange their own childcare and follow special house rules.


Many mothers with a substance use disorder leave sober living too early to reunite with their children, leading to a negative outcome. However, sober living forces mothers who decide to stay, complete the program and focus on their recovery to be separated from their children.


4DW has seen the community’s need for accepting mothers with children to assist women with their unique needs in recovery. Studies of programs that allow children have shown positive results for mothers, children, and the community. In our attempt to create individualized recovery programs meeting our resident’s needs, we find this crucial to help women in recovery.

Learn More About Sober Living in Hoover

Sober living is an excellent step for women transitioning from a drug and alcohol treatment center or struggling to maintain sobriety in an unhealthy environment. A sober living home, such as The 4th Dimension, can provide the structure and support you need to live confidently and successfully substance-free.


To learn more about The 4th Dimension and your sober living options as a woman, you can contact our Community Director, Stephanie Sparks, by phone, (256) 515-2683, or email, [email protected].

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