Sober Living For Men


Sober living is an excellent option for individuals who have struggled or are currently struggling with substance use disorders. Sober living homes are a safe and supportive space that allows individuals a more seamless transition from a drug and alcohol treatment center to a familiar home environment.

Men’s Sober Living Home in Hoover, AL

The 4th Dimension is a sober living home in Hoover, Alabama. We have a top-notch facility for men at which we make sobriety and the path to recovery a priority.


As a resident of our sober living community, we expect you to refrain from drug and alcohol use, attend morning meditation and three in-house group meetings, attend outside recovery meetings, a weekly individual session, and maintain a job. We hold our residents accountable for their actions, but we also encourage them to be independent.


You will be staying in a private apartment at our facility that comes with components of a typical home, plus many more luxuries. Our amenities include:


  • A Fully-Equipped Kitchen
  • A Furnished Living Space
  • A Patio
  • Washer and Dryer Units
  • Cable Television
  • Internet
  • Swimming Pool
  • 24-Hour Fitness Center


Our sober living home is located by many great attractions in Hoover, such as Oak Mountain State Park, Moss Rock Preserve, the Galleria Shopping Mall, Hoover Library, Aldridge Gardens, Hoover Recreation Center, and Patton Creek AMC Theaters. We welcome residents to get out, explore, and have a productive day outside.

Stay At Our Sober Living Home For Men in Hoover

It can be challenging to overcome substance use disorder, especially when you lead a stressful lifestyle and live in a toxic environment. If this is true for you, it may be time to consider a sober living home.


The 4th Dimension, one of Hoover’s leading sober living homes, has a compassionate and supportive community of individuals who will help with your transition back to work and life.


If you are interested in staying at our men’s facility, you can contact our Community Director, Scott Sands, by phone, (205) 492-5467, or email, [email protected]. He would be happy to provide you with more information about our community, mission, and facility!

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