Who We Treat

Who We Treat

Our community is inclusive, accepting and open to all religions, philosophies, sexual orientations and ethnicities.

In the beginning, recovery is fragile like a newly sprouted seedling. It must be tended moment by moment with focused attention and protected with steady vigilance. 4D provides the proper growing environment for anyone seeking to work a path leading to well being.

4th Dimension substance abuse treatment in Hoover, AL

Any man or woman desiring accountability and encouragement from a compassionate sober community.

Those needing to recommit their focus and intentions to make recovery the first priority in life.

Anyone exiting a treatment facility can benefit greatly from transitioning to 4D before going back to their home environment.

Those needing relapse prevention skills and seeking shelter from a stressful lifestyle.

Young adults who need structure and positive role models as well as recovery mind training.

Learn More About VASSA

The Buddhist Recovery Community located in Birmingham, Alabama

Learn About VASSA

The Buddhist Recovery Community located in the Birmingham, Alabama