Sober Living in a Mindful Recovery Community

Sober Living in a Mindful Recovery Community

The isolation and loneliness associated with quarantine due to the coronavirus have caused many recovering from substance abuse to make backward progress. Reacclimating from isolation and getting back on track to sober living takes mindfulness and a community of support to be successful. 

The 4th Dimension works with men and women who are struggling with substance abuse and ready for the next stages of recovery. We offer a variety of recovery programs tailored to the individual, and we facilitate finding the path that will work for each unique journey. As a resident at our long-stay community, people in recovery can find their center and the way to success that is best for them.

What is Recovery Like at The 4th Dimension?

The 4th Dimension isn’t like other sober living facilities. While we mainly offer a 12-Step program, it is not the only system of recovery we use to help people find peace and learn to reacclimate to daily life without substance abuse. 

We work with the individual where they are in their recovery journey, recognizing that there is no one-size-fits-all path. By helping the individual find the right track for them, we can work as a community toward successful recovery and healthier living through mindfulness. 

Many other sober living facilities are set up based upon a criminal justice model of punishment and retribution, treating their residents as just another number. At The 4th Dimension, we base recovery on compassion and encouragement, along with structured accountability. We have rules and standards but are flexible as compared to other sober living communities. 

Read on to learn more about the different recovery programs available at The 4th Dimension recovery community.

Medically Assisted Recovery 

We offer a Medically Assisted Recovery program that combines mindful recovery systems with MAT. Often, with MAT, medication assisted treatment, a doctor will just prescribe medication, and patients fend for themselves with their recovery. We find that people have more success if they have accountability with taking their medication while taking steps to become more centered through therapy and our specialized recovery programs. 

We have a variety of recovery programs, or paths to recovery, for individuals to work in conjunction with their prescribed medication. This variety provides a uniquely-tailored medically assisted recovery program. To learn more about MAT, check out this YouTube video

12 Step Program

Rebuilding your life after treatment is an overwhelming endeavor. With a 12-step program, people in recovery can become centered and more mindful by learning to surrender to a higher power. The majority of our residents work a 12-step program and add some of the other programs into their recovery plan.

The 12-Step Program is about honesty, faith, surrendering, acceptance, forgiveness, service to others, and learning to follow a higher power through spirituality. Through this process, you learn to take recovery one step at a time, one day at a time, and one milestone at a time. 

Buddhist Recovery 

Buddhist-based recovery uses Buddhist principles to facilitate healing and overcome the suffering of addiction. This specialized recovery system helps those struggling with addiction to look within themselves and heal through meditation and communion with others who are on the same path.  Some residents use the 12 steps with a Buddhist perspective while others work the Recovery Dharma program.  There are now 6 Recovery Dharma meetings in the Birmingham area along with experienced peer support guides to mentor individuals through this program.

Buddhist recovery adopts the Four Noble Truths of the Buddha and an 8-step recovery process as a guide for those who take this path to overcome the torment of their intense cravings. By accepting a cosmic law and order, or dharma, applied to the teachings of Buddha, one can find peace and relief from suffering. 

Faith-Based Recovery

Celebrate Recovery is a 12-step recovery program based on the teachings of Christ. This program includes church services, small group meetings, and Bible study. This path to recovery celebrates healing through God-centered and faith-based prayer. 

In faith-based recovery, individuals become part of a community and learn to surrender to Christ through honesty, acceptance, and service to those around them. They discover how to forgive themselves and others through God’s grace.  

SMART Recovery 

The 4th Dimension also offers recovery programs with a secular approach based on cognitive behavioral therapy and non-confrontational motivational methods. SMART, or self-management and recovery training, provides a community of support for those who seek a more science-based approach to dealing with their substance abuse disorders. 

A Community of Acceptance 

Everyone at The 4th Dimension is part of one community. We encourage acceptance and understanding amongst our residents, no matter their belief or personal philosophy. Whether you follow a path laid out by a higher power or a secular path based on science, you will find a community of support and encouragement at The 4th Dimension. 

You Don’t Have to Go It Alone

Feelings of loneliness and isolation pervade our communities now more than ever, but individuals struggling with the pain of addiction are especially prone. Our community of mindful recovery is here to help with the next steps toward your path to peace and freedom from addiction. 

We don’t blame residents when recovery is unsuccessful. On the contrary, we stay in contact with residents and have had a great deal of success in bringing back those who relapse. If something isn’t working, we review the program they are using and suggest new approaches they might add to their program. We genuinely care about our residents and respect that each recovery journey is unique.

Learn more about The 4th Dimension, a mindful recovery community in Birmingham, Alabama. 

The 4th Dimension utilizes multiple paths in treating men and women suffering from substance use disorders. Our long-term sober community supports programs tailored to where an individual is on their recovery journey. Our community is inclusive and accepting of all faiths, philosophies, sexual orientations, and ethnicities. Contact us to learn more about our community or to find your path to recovery today.